She is the only person attending the brand new Joker’s wake and funeral service, aside from sobbing

Harley later on appeared in a worry-triggered hallucination for the reason that Batman to try to prevent the Joker completely. Harley together with is alluded so you’re able to an additional a portion of the exact same illusion, where a newsprint article reported that no-one had cared that this new Joker is actually deceased, and you will indicated that she had not only partnered the new Riddler, but was also pregnant a kid as well.

Pursuing the Knightfall Method

Ashamed, heartbroken, beaten, embarrassed, and you will psychologically broken, Harley was sooner brought to the fresh GCPD Lockup after Scarecrow’s overcome, where she would getting locked up the rest of Gotham’s criminals.

Re-induction with the Suicide Team

An enthusiastic untold level of years afterwards, Harley carry out again end up being forcibly signed up of the Amanda Waller on the this lady Task Force X system, next to Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and you will King Shark into the a mission inside Metropolis whether or not it arrived below intrusion of the a keen alien hazard, and you can is actually amazed to understand Waller’s tasked leader address are one that they had totally hadn’t requested: Superman.


Harley was academically brilliant and you will gained an effective demand for criminology because the her father was an unlawful. While the a psychiatrist, Harley is actually responsible, really caring, and you will strongly empathized together with her customers, eg leaving a note when you look at the Calendar People’s cellphone claiming: “Delighted Getaways, Julian! – Hq.” Even with this lady instructional intelligence, Harley had altered morals and you will lacked a great amount of prominent feel because she failed to find out how risky and you will dangerous brand new Joker is actually. Inside her classes to the Joker, Harley and failed to select experience and you can overestimated their efficiency because he had been really crafty, and that created he can potentially determine this lady to feel empathy and you can affection to possess your. Particularly, Harley don’t understand that she was being manipulated feeling love to possess Joker during this lady interview training because the she is far less proficient in analysis to many other Arkham Psychiatrists. Therefore, she usually started to become fixated that have him and you may undergone a great drastic change.

After Harley approved one she was at love on Joker, she exhibited high signs of regression (given that listed of the Dr. Young) including a higher slope in her sound, getting smaller cocky and you can lookin faster smart – maybe to try and attract him. On a regular basis, Harley is actually cheerful and you will optimistic, in addition to vicious and maniacal and therefore she might have discovered of the latest Joker. Instead of your, however, Harley tend to don’t reserve herself in the treat and you can speech hence she accepted so you’re able to Penguin when she saved Poison Ivy on police station during the Bludhaven. That it often contributed to wonders recommendations becoming stated which had been useful to Batman or lead to this lady assaulting your, just to be quickly beaten. These types of choices is actually have a tendency to obvious in Arkham Asylum Event. She including showed androphobia since she used to insult and you can mock minder hookup several people except the latest Joker.

In the Arkham Urban area Experience, the pressure from the Joker’s poor health seemed to has changed Harley’s character, particularly proving a smaller tempter, displaying a lack of a wise practice, getting more ruthless and much more angry when you find yourself seeking stick to the Joker’s orders and you will residing in charges from his henchmen. Immediately after this new Joker’s death (in Harley Quinn’s Revenge), Harley turned far more high pressure and you may dangerous since she wasn’t in a position to be prepared for the girl losses. As the nonetheless this lady usual notice, Harley try dreaded certainly one of her henchmen as one actually informed an friend never to ‘piss this lady off’. Harley even assumed an effective henchman is actually hitting on her, and you may screamed precisely how he could maybe not compare with the girl “Mr. J”, in the event he had been merely being sympathetic so you can her. As well as, Harley’s voice much more turned into angrier, maniacal and better pitched and she is actually some self-destructive, which reflected the ultimate fret she experienced following Joker’s passing.

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